This is what we discovered when wewent into the sacrosanct private garage or rather workshop of Sir Roberto Totti, emblematic figure of Tottimotori. A true legend of motorcycles customization.

Behind his mysterious look lies a genuine enthusiast who meets the wildest expectations of his customers by producing machines at once fascinating, powerful and unique.

For the first time in his career he has agreed to work with a brand in order to create a unique model.

From this collaboration will be born a fascinating machine, coming straight out of a science fiction movie, on which we could easily imagine Batman spin through Gotham City to challenge the dark banditry of this imaginary city.

The result is simply stunning, strong, Dark”, like the watch models of the same name developed by TUDOR this year that suits well on Roberto Totti tattooed arm.

But as the Ducati Diavel revisited by Tottimotori is not usable yet, we shall go back to the bus in order to assist to THE race